Rep. Mimi Walters can be reached by email here.

Dear Mimi,

Let’s get this straight. You are a woman and yet…you voted against all women?

Women, (again) all women — more than half the population of your district — are now defined as being born with a congenital defect. Those who have been raped, have suffered from postpartum depression, had a cesarean section or who have survived domestic violence are all classified as having had a preexisting condition.

Your vote will even make it possible for insurance companies to deny coverage for gynecological services and mammograms.

This means either you’re a) a cyborg b) are so disconnected with reality you don’t even realize what it is to have a uterus anymore or c) have just stopped giving a shit.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not looking good for you to continue to represent the people of the 45th congressional district, when you’ve shown no aptitude during this administration …to act like a human being.

In that respect, I do hope you relish your remaining months as an elected official, because I personally, along with my family, friends and neighbors, will see to it that you are never elected to represent the public again.

I would like to personally thank you and the 216 other GOP reps in the House who voted for corporations, for greed, for an authoritarian state that has surrendered any illusion of governance on behalf of the people today — you have made my job as a voter so clear, so easy. You have showed me beyond any reasonable doubt that the $174,000/year plus benefits I pay for you to represent me is simply wasted. Nothing, and nobody — meaning nobody in your seat — would be a better alternative.

You voted for an unvetted healthcare solution that gives $600 billion in tax cuts to corporations and an additional $2.8 billion in breaks for America’s 400 richest families while the sick, the poor, the elderly and the children suffer. Whether it passes the Senate or no, you have directly voted against the interest of your constituents, singling out children and the elderly.

You have pointed your finger directly at a segment of the population that already struggles mightily and dashed any semblance of hope to lead healthy, productive lives.

I’m not sure what your strategy is, whether you’re greedy, ignorant, stupid or just plain evil but whatever it is your feckless abandonment of those you represent will not be forgotten.


Also Mimi, Hillary Clinton beat Trump, handily, in your district — with many long-time moderate Republicans knowing the difference between what it means to cast a vote for a centrist politician and an authoritarian — and what doing the latter might do to bring down democracy.

So the mandate from your constituents, even those who supported you in the past, is clear: This is not a man you want to side with. His is not an agenda for America. And women, all women, will suffer the most.

I am glad you will have the time to think on this during your pending retirement from public service.



P.S. – Great job exempting yourself from this shit sandwich you’re shoving down the collective throats of your citizenry.